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When we first launched in 2006, our goal was to provide free, Torah focused learning for anyone who had a hunger to learn. It's been an incredible blessing to witness the growth of our unique online learning community, which has far exceeded our goals and expectations.

We're contacted on a daily basis by individuals all over the world, seeking council and community. I appreciate each question, and am grateful to Hashem that so many people are eagerly seeking His ways. is run by a small volunteer staff, with just a few being qualified to answer theological questions. In the beginning, we tried to answer every theological question which we received. We wish that we still had that ability, but at this point it's physically impossible, due to sheer volume of questions which we receive through email, social media, and by phone.

We're committed to maintaining the website and enabling seekers to learn Torah. From here on out, we're going to be focusing our energies on fulfilling orders placed on our website, resolving technical issues which you may encounter, and providing new educational material for our members.

Our hours of operation have been adjusted to five days a week, as reflected on the contact page on our website. In addition, we've created a handy list of all weekday holidays for 2016 on which our office will be closed.

My hope is that this adjustment of our operations will enable us to serve you better and meet needs in the lives of many more people.

Thank you for continuing this journey with the us. We look forward to many more years together, learning and practicing what the Torah teaches.

R' Daniel

Copyright © John Smith, All Rights Reserved.
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2017 Holiday Closures   Our office will be closed during the following weekday holidays:
Pesach I & II
Apr. 10 - 11

Pesach VII & VIII
Apr. 17 - 18
May 31 - June 1

Rosh Hashanah
Sept. 21 - 22
Simchat Torah
Oct. 13

Nov. 23
Oct. 5 - 6

Shmini Atzeret
Oct. 12

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Hashem".  It means, "With the help of G-d".