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Leviticus 26:3 – 27:34
Jeremiah 16:19 – 17:14

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Messianic Views of the Jewish Sages

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Many people have an opinion about the Messiah. This year long study examines each section of Moses’ writings from the point of view of the Sages who lived in ancient and more recent times. What did these scholars find in the pages of the Scriptures that would reveal G-d’s plan for the messianic kingdom?

This fascinating study compares the Midrash Rabbah, Targums, Mishnah, Gemarah and other ancient Jewish commentaries on the Bible in order to discover how G-d chose to reveal the identity of King Messiah with startling clarity using the customs and traditions of those who lived in the Second Temple era.

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  • Commandments and Statutes
  • Blessings and Curses
  • Sojourning in Foreign Lands
  • Writing and Engraving
  • Fruit of the Messianic Era
  • Curses for Casualness
  • Freedom from Slavery

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