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“For those who wish to bless the Jewish people by what they learn… and by how they live”

Special Learning Resources

Iyar 13
Today is
28 Days
which is
4 Weeks
of the Omer
Iyar 14
Today is
29 Days
which is
4 Weeks and 1 Day
of the Omer
Iyar 15
Today is
30 Days
which is
4 Weeks and 2 Days
of the Omer
Iyar 16
Today is
31 Days
which is
4 Weeks and 3 Days
of the Omer
Iyar 17
Today is
32 Days
which is
4 Weeks and 4 Days
of the Omer
Iyar 18
Today is
33 Days
which is
4 Weeks and 5 Days
of the Omer
Iyar 19
Today is
34 Days
which is
4 Weeks and 6 Days
of the Omer

Omer Count

Blessing is said just after sundown, but not in the morning.

Before counting:
Blessed are You, Hashem our G-d, King of the Universe, Who has set us apart with His commandments and commanded us to count the Omer.

After counting:
May the Merciful One restore unto us the Service of the Holy Temple to its place, speedily in our days - Amen, Selah.

"And you shall count unto you from the morrow after the Shabbos, from the day that you brought the omer-sheaf of the wave offering; seven Shabbatot shall be complete: Even unto the morrow after the seventh Shabbos shall you number fifty days; and you shall offer a new tribute offering unto Hashem."

Leviticus 23:15-16

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Copyright © John Smith, All Rights Reserved.
PDF e-Book Resource
19 Pages

"In Defense" Series
Part One - Abraham

    Many people look at Abraham’s life as a model of faith. After all, this is the man about whom it is recorded, “And he had faith in Hashem, and He accounted it to him as righteousness” (Genesis 15:8).  Additionally, Abraham is held up as the paragon of obedience and submission to the will of G-d, not even withholding his only son from the altar when G-d asked him to offer him up.

    And yet, there are incidents in his life which seem to contradict such a picture of perfect faith and obedience.

    Early on in his sojourn in the land of Canaan (when he was but a young lad of seventy-five years), a famine came upon the land and Abraham went down to Egypt for relief.  While on the way there, he spoke to his wife Sarah and asked her to tell people that she was his sister rather than his wife, for fear that the Egyptians would kill him to get her.  Once in Egypt, Sarah came to the attention of the Pharaoh, who took her into his house and showered Abraham with gifts.  After G-d brought plagues on Pharaoh and his household, Pharaoh released Sarah and sent Abraham away from Egypt.

    Some who read this are shocked, wondering 1) why Abraham left the Land of promise to visit Egypt in the first place instead of trusting G-d to take care of him where he was, 2) why he resorted to blatantly lying about his wife, 3) why he so callously risked his wife’s honor by presenting her as single, just to save his own skin, 4) why he didn’t trust G-d to keep him safe in Egypt, 5) why he permitted himself to profit from Pharaoh’s gifts at the expense of his wife being placed in a dangerous and compromising situation.

    As if this weren’t enough, several years later Abraham did the same thing again, this time in the land of the Philistines!  Didn’t he learn anything from the last debacle?

    As a corollary, there are those who see Abraham’s marriage to Hagar as another example of a lack of faith.  If only he had waited for G-d to bring the promised offspring, who knows how much heartache could have been avoided?


In summary, the charges are:

      •  1 count of leaving the Promised Land due to fear, after G-d brought him there
      •  4 counts of generally lacking faith       •  2 counts of lying due of fear
      •  2 counts of risking his wife’s honor in exchange for his own safety
      •  1 count of profiting from his wife’s ordeal
      •  1 count of not waiting for G-d to fulfill His promise
      •  1 count of doubting by asking G-d to prove Himself

How do we plead?  Not guilty on all counts.

To read more, download part one of this e-Book series to read about these charges in detail, to learn the facts and to discover how Abraham truly was a man of faith.

Listener Comments

"Toda Rabah...! You bring great discussion to our Shabbat and weekly Torah study by highlighting many of the thematic connections we can learn, that deepen our understanding of Mashiach and our relationship to HaShem!"
Cairns, QL, Australia

"Thank you making your teachings available. Baruch Hashem, I have learned so much, and I am thankful for this ministry."

"Thank you for sharing! You opened wonderful treasures from Elohim's Word and Heart to me."

"We really enjoy each Shabbat's Torah teaching. We have learned so much and just keep on learning. We cannot believe how ignorant we have been. Thank you... for your humbleness and for sharing with us what you have learned from Torah."
Jeffreysbaai, South Africa

"THIS will blow the socks off of your 'traditional' depiction of Jesus."
Halstead, KS, USA

"I'm truly blessed by these lessons from a Jewish perspective."

"Every Saturday Sabbath we read the Torah portions then we listen to Jewish eyes after a prayer time. Makes our Sabbath complete. The only trouble we have, is that it ends so quickly. We learn so much and what it means to be truly grafted in. We cannot get enough of this teaching…"
Wells, Somerset, England

"Thank you so much for sharing this detailed study of Parasha Beshalach. This will make us more trustful and hold on to Hashem's Torah. Awesome.... may the God of Israel bless you always..."
Los Angeles, CA, USA

"Tremendously insightful and needed teaching as always. Thank you so much…"
Jerusalem, Israel


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